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Cycle Training

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Adult Cycle Training is a series of practical cycling courses for adults to build their confidence on a bicycle.

Are you looking for adult cycle training? We have the cycle training course for you! From learning to ride to refreshing your on-road cycling skills, there’s an Adult Cycle Training session for everyone.

Absolute beginners

Everyone deserves the chance to learn to ride a bike, no matter their age. This session is for adults who have always wanted to cycle but have never had the chance or returning riders who haven’t ridden for a while.

These are solo lessons and aims to teach you everything you would need should you choose to progress to the road cycling training.

Trainers will support riders develop balance on two wheels before introducing pedalling.

Duration: 1-1.5hours

Introduction to on-road cycling

Ready to leave cycle paths behind and take on the open road? This session is for adults who want to build their cycling confidence on-road.

Trainers will introduce riders to on-road cycle training in a range of quiet locations using roads, shared-use paths and designated cycle lanes depending on the area. The session will gradually build your confidence in cycling on the road and in traffic.

These are solo lessons which will start you off on either a simulated road environment or very quiet roads and then progress onto roads with light traffic once you are ready.

Duration: 2-2.5 hours


Family Cycle Training

Designed to help families cycle together with more confidence, this session is aimed at parents/guardians cycling with their children. The focus of the training is to equip the whole family with the skills and confidence to cycle together safely as a group.

The whole family is encouraged to attend the training.

Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours


Thanks to funding from Cycling Scotland we are able to provide these lessons free of charge. Availability of lessons is limited and must be completed before 30th June 2024.


These lessons will usually take place at or near out shop in Coupar Angus. However locations can vary depending on the course participants location. If your aim is to gain confidence to cycle from your home to a local destination then let us know and we will see if we are able to train you on the roads you will actually like to cycle on.


Date and time are flexible.

What do I need? 

All participants will require clothes suitable for the weather conditions and a bike in working order. We are able to provide access to some bikes during the course. Please enquire at the time of booking to ensure we have one of a suitable size.

We start each lesson with a brief check of your bike for safety reasons. To avoid disappointment we recommend popping in with you bike prior to your lesson date to ensure it will pass this safety check. These safety checks are free of charge for lesson participants.

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